Information system of “single window” for participants of foreign economic activity

How the Single Window Works

A single window information system is a mechanism that allows parties involved in trade and transport transactions to submit standardized information and documents using a single access channel in order to fulfill all regulatory requirements related to import, export, transit.

If the information is in electronic format, the individual data elements need only be submitted once.

“Tulpar System” is a “single window” information system that allows all participants in foreign economic activity (FEA) to submit information required by regulatory authorities for import, export and transit operations.

Benefits of using a single window system:

for business:

Reduce costs by reducing downtime and costs;
Higher cleaning and release rate;
Predictable application and clarification of rules;
More efficient and effective use of resources;
Increasing transparency

for government bodies:

Improved compliance by traders;
Strengthening security;
Increasing integrity and transparency;
Well organized work order;
Prompt decision making

for the state:

Increasing competitiveness and supporting inclusive growth;
Up-to-date information on volumes, structure and geography of foreign trade;
Reducing the level of bureaucracy and corruption;
Increasing integrity and transparency;
Ensuring greater trade facilitation

Appointment of the SWIS

SWIS is designed to automate the process of filing applications and issuing permits and other documents in the field of foreign trade in the Kyrgyz Republic, automating the process of information exchange regarding the approval and issuance of permits and other documents, including certificates of conformity and certificates of origin of goods.

Objectives of the SWIS

The goal of the project is to carry out a comprehensive modernization of all components of the existing SWIS software based on the products, recommendations, legal acts and terms of reference developed in the previous phase of the project. Also, the list of works of the current project includes the collection of current requirements for the SWIS from agencies and departments of the Kyrgyz Republic in order to carry out the actual implementation of the SWIS