Legal Expert

— Performance of work on observance of legality in activity of the enterprise and protection of its legal interests.
— Implementation of legal expertise of draft orders, instructions, regulations, standards and other acts of a legal nature prepared at the enterprise, approves them, and also participates, if necessary, in the preparation of legal documents.
— Taking measures to change or cancel the legal acts of the enterprise, issued in violation of the current legislation.
– Organization of the preparation of opinions on legal issues arising in the activities of the enterprise, as well as draft regulations received for review by the enterprise.
— Representing the interests of the enterprise in courts, as well as in state and public organizations when considering legal issues, conducting court cases.
— Participation in the preparation and conclusion of collective agreements, industry tariff agreements, the development and implementation of measures to strengthen labor discipline, regulate social and labor relations at the enterprise.
– Conducting work on the analysis and generalization of the results of consideration of claims, court cases, as well as the practice of concluding and executing business contracts, developing proposals for improving control over compliance with contractual discipline in the supply of products, eliminating identified shortcomings and improving the production and economic and financial activities of the enterprise.
— Participation in the development and implementation of measures to strengthen the contractual, financial and labor discipline, to ensure the safety of the property of the enterprise.
— Preparation of conclusions on proposals for bringing employees of the enterprise to disciplinary and financial liability.
– Organization of systematized accounting, storage, introduction of adopted amendments to legislative and regulatory acts received by the enterprise.
— Ensuring that employees of the enterprise are informed about the current legislation, as well as organizing work for the study by officials of the enterprise of regulatory legal acts relating to their activities.
— Provision of legal assistance, advising employees on legal issues.
— Fulfillment of other official assignments of the management of the Enterprise and the immediate supervisor.
– Higher legal education and at least 2 years of work experience.
The legal expert should know:
• regulatory and methodological materials regulating the production and economic activities of the Enterprise;
• profile, specialization and features of the structure of the Enterprise;
• civil, administrative, labor, financial and other branches of legislation;
• arbitration procedural, civil procedural law, fundamentals of criminal procedural law;
• office work standards for legal documents;
• structure of state bodies, local self-government bodies, judicial bodies;
• the order of systematization, accounting and maintenance of legal documentation using modern information technologies;
• basics of administration;
• ethics of business communication.
— Schedule from 09:00-18:00 5/2